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Animéniacs' World Summary
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Ronin Warriors
Created by Dave


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Over one thousand years ago, the dark lord Talpa united the powers of the nether-realm into a mighty army called the Dynasty. After he was done bragging about it, he invaded our world. A great war was fought by the mortals to force back the strength of Talpa's forces, but their ordinary weapons proved useless against the mystical nature of the Dynasty and Talpa's armor of power. [And Talpa was a really, really big bad guy, so that made his armor really, really big!] Soon enough, the Dynasty laid wasted to the earth.

So that really sucked, didn't it?

An unknown warrior thought so, too, and he challenged Talpa to battle [with his trusty white tiger at his side]. The warrior, who would later be known to be the Ancient and guardian of our world, fought Talpa [with some help from the tiger, White Blaze], and won! He drove his sword into Talpa's chest banishing him back into the nether-realm, along with the Dynasty. Naked, of course, because Talpa's armor somehow had remained in our world. The Ancient knew as long as the armor existed, Talpa could one day return to our world.

But the armor could not be destroyed.

Instead, the Ancient re-forged the armor into nine separate [and mighty] armors. Five of the new armors drew their powers from the elements of fire, water, earth, strata, and light. The power of these armors were tied to their wearers through the human traits of virtue, trust, justice, life, and wisdom. The four other armors drew their powers from the four seasons of the earth: winter, fall, spring, and summer. These armors were tied to their wearers through the samurai virtues of loyalty, piety, obedience, and serenity. These nine ronin armors were to protect the mortal realm upon the threat of Talpa's return. Well, they were supposed to be, anyway. Talpa managed to gain control of the four [seasony fresh!] armors and bestowed them on his most powerful warriors.

Time passed and a whole lot of stuff happened like the light bulb, countless wars, the atomic bomb, and American pop music. But who cares? It's all goin' down in Tokyo, where the clouds are beginning to darken. An enormous castle appears in the sky, capturing the city inside of its gates. Because now mortals have forgotten the invasion from the nether-realm which devastated the world in ages past. The legendary armors have become just that, a legend. Mysticism and magic are now a thing of the past, replaced by technology and science. Now the Dynasty has reentered the world, bent on taking it over [again]. And guess who wants his armor back...

All the CD players and fax machines in the world can't stop it now, as the technological weapons of the modern world prove useless against the mysterious might of the Dynasty! Now, five youthful, strong, courageous [and, yes girls, they're damn sexy] warriors will enter the battle to save the fate of mankind. Based with the power of the five elemental armors, they alone will stand between Talpa and the destruction of our world.

They are... the Ronin Warriors!